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A Safe and Joyful Holiday: Tips for Celebrating Christmas with Kids

The holiday season often brings busy schedules, excited children, unfamiliar guests, and potential safety hazards into our homes. With some planning and awareness, we can help ensure everyone enjoys a safe and happy Christmas.

When Shopping for Gifts

Be selective when buying toys and other items for children. Opt for reputable retailers that meet safety standards. Carefully inspect toys for choking hazards, magents, loose parts, and age recommendations. Also supervise kids around button batteries, which can be seriously harmful if swallowed.

Extend safety checks to gifts for adults too. Products like remote controls, scales, vapes, and cleaning supplies may appeal to curious kids. Keep anything potentially dangerous locked away and out of sight.

Childproofing Your Home

Before guests arrive, survey your home for risks. Put cleaning products and medications up high or in locked cabinets. Secure loose blind cords and anchor unstable furniture/TVs. Replace worn electrical decorations and fairy lights.

Educate kids that holiday decor is not for play and redirect their attention. A travel cot can safely contain very young children while you're cooking.

Staying Vigilant

Despite the best preparations, extra people and excitement can still increase risks. Maintain sight lines and actively supervise children near food prep, candles, or fireplaces. Deal with spills/tripping hazards promptly.

Never assume someone else is watching the kids. Take turns enjoying the party so adults don't get distracted. Serve alcoholic drinks responsibly as well.

With some intentional precautions, we can make this Christmas season safe as well as magical for all ages.


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