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Completing the Aviva Future Leaders Programme - Thoughts from Tom

Today marks an important milestone - I have officially completed and "graduated" from the Aviva Future Leaders Programme. This two-year journey has enriched me both professionally and personally thanks to the exceptional cohort I was a part of.

I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to Dan Wall, John Nutter, Andrew Scott, Jill Goddard and the entire team at Aviva for making this such a rewarding and memorable experience. We bonded while sharing insights into operating and running an insurance brokerage. The practical knowledge and unwavering support we offered one another will stay with me for many years to come.

Some highlights that will stick with me include learning best practices for running an insurance brokerage, the intricacies of the leading a team and generally honing my leadership abilities, all within a safe environment. I also valued the opportunities to network with industry veterans who offered advice and encouragement.

Perhaps most importantly, I've built connections and friendships that will serve me well as I continue growing in this industry. My cohort-mates will be an invaluable support system as we shape the future of the insurance industry together.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Aviva Future Leaders Programme to any of my peers looking to become the next generation of insurance leaders. The skills I've gained have prepared me to take on greater responsibilities and challenges with confidence and capability.

While today marks the end of one journey, tomorrow starts a new one full of potential. I feel well-equipped to navigate the future and look forward to meeting again at the reunion soon!


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