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Considering the arson threat to Businesses and how to manage the risks

In the wake of another devastating fire at an industrial site, many business owners are left pondering the safety of their own establishments. The heart-wrenching sight of a business engulfed in flames not only evokes sympathy for those affected but also raises questions about the root causes of such tragedies.

For the past three decades, arson has consistently been a leading cause of significant fire losses in commercial spaces. The motivations behind these malicious acts can be perplexing. However, understanding the potential triggers can help businesses be better prepared.

Why Do People Commit Arson? While it's challenging to pinpoint a single reason, individuals often resort to arson due to:

  • Disputes or grievances with their employer.

  • Mental health challenges.

  • Financial or business-related stress.

  • Strained interpersonal relationships.

With the current social and economic climate, where many are finding life increasingly challenging, it's crucial for business owners to be vigilant and assess their vulnerabilities.

Steps to Protect Your Business from Arson:

Review Your Fire Risk Assessment

Ensure that it thoroughly evaluates the potential for arson. Key areas to consider include:

  • Vulnerable sections of your premises, especially those that are poorly lit or hidden from view. Remember, vacant buildings are prime targets.

  • The history of crime, vandalism, or malicious attacks in the vicinity.

  • Potential fuel sources that could be exploited by arsonists, such as waste, flammable liquids, gases, or even certain building materials like damaged cladding panels.

End-of-Day Inspections

Before leaving your premises unoccupied, ensure that potential targets for arsonists, like combustible materials, are safely secured.

Enhance Security Measures

While intruders are often suspected, arsonists can also be employees, visitors, or contractors. Assess your security needs from all angles and ensure that robust measures are in place.

Invest in Fire Protection Systems

Systems like sprinklers can significantly reduce the damage an arsonist can inflict. They not only protect your property but also act as a deterrent.

Employee Awareness

Your staff can be your first line of defense. Offer training sessions to educate them about the risks of arson. Encourage them to report any suspicious activities or concerns. Their vigilance could be the key to preventing a potential disaster.

The threat of arson is real and ever-present. As a business owner, now is the opportune moment to review and bolster your fire safety measures, ensuring the safety of your establishment and those who depend on it.


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