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Crafting Effective Trading Terms & Conditions

If you run a business that sells products or services, having clear terms and conditions is crucial. But where do you start? Here are some tips:

Introduce yourself.

Include your business name, contact details and a description of what you offer.

Your customers need to know who they're dealing with.

Highlight your terms and conditions early.

Link to them or pop them up during checkout. You want customers to see them before they buy.

Be fair and reasonable.

Unfair terms won't be enforceable, so don't overstep. Limit liability sensibly.

Define the deal.

Make it clear when a binding contract is formed - usually on acceptance of an offer. Avoid confusion.

Set clear pricing.

Detail all costs upfront and show VAT. Avoid disputes by being totally transparent.

Explain delivery and returns.

State timescales, who pays and under what circumstances items can be sent back.

Allow cancellation rights.

If selling online to consumers, they can often cancel within 14 days. Make this clear.

Chase late payments.

You can claim statutory interest on overdue invoices to other businesses. State this.

Include other policies as needed.

On data protection, cookies, complaints etc.

Obtain legal advice if unsure. Your terms form the basis of all your customer deals so get them right!


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