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Driving Safely in Adverse Weather Conditions

The weather can play a major role in road safety for fleet drivers. As a fleet manager, it's important to have policies in place that promote safe driving practices during inclement weather. In this post, we'll look at some best practices for driving in rain, fog, snow and ice.

Rainy Weather Driving Tips

  • Reduce speed - wet roads can double braking distances. Allow extra stopping time.

  • Increase following distance - keep at least 4 seconds between you and the car ahead to account for reduced traction.

  • Turn on headlights - make your vehicle more visible to others.

  • Watch for hydroplaning - reduce speed if water builds up on the road. Avoid hard braking or turning sharply.

  • Beware of puddles - they may be deeper than they appear. Driving through them can reduce visibility for other motorists.

Foggy Conditions

  • Use low beams - high beams will reflect off the fog and actually reduce visibility.

  • Reduce speed - fog can reduce visibility to just a few feet. Slow down and watch for sudden stoplights.

  • Use wipers and defrosters - maximise your visibility by keeping windows and lights clear.

  • Use roadside delineators - painted lines and road reflectors can help guide you. Avoid passing other vehicles.

Snow and Ice Precautions

  • Accelerate/brake gently - abrupt changes in speed or direction can cause skidding.

  • Watch for black ice - bridges and overpasses freeze first even when roads look clear.

  • Equip for the conditions - snow tires and chains provide extra traction.

  • Clear ice and snow - clear all windows, lights, mirrors before driving. Failing to do so risks citations.

  • Stock emergency supplies - blankets, scrapers, shovel, sand, snacks, flashlight.

No matter the weather, the most important thing is driving according to conditions. Allow extra time, reduce speeds, and increase following distance. Safety must come before arrival times. Let's ensure our fleet drivers make it through stormy weather incident-free.


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