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Driving Safely Through Winter Weather

The winter months bring hazardous driving conditions that all fleet managers and business owners need to prepare for. From rain and snow to ice and fog, driving risks increase significantly when the temperatures drop. As a fleet manager, it's your responsibility to keep your drivers and vehicles safe on the road. Follow these tips to mitigate winter weather risks:

Vehicle Checks and Maintenance

  • Inspect tyres regularly for tread depth and proper inflation. Good tread and inflation are crucial for traction and control in wet conditions. Consider winter tyres for added grip.

  • Check oil, coolant, and antifreeze levels frequently. Top up screen wash fluid. Make sure all lights, wipers and ignition are working properly.

  • Clear snow and ice fully off the vehicle before driving. Flying chunks can be a hazard to other motorists.

  • Ensure the vehicle has enough fuel or charge for the journey, factoring in reduced efficiency in cold weather.

Equip Your Drivers

  • Provide gloves, warm layers, heat packs, and other cold weather gear to keep drivers comfortable on the road.

  • Make sure they have charged mobile phones, water, energy bars and other supplies in case of emergency.

  • Remind them to clear windscreens manually rather than idling the engine. Use a scraper and de-icer spray.

Safe Driving Habits

  • Leave ample time for trips. Allow extra room between vehicles. Stopping distances increase dramatically on wet or icy roads.

  • Slow down well below speed limits and avoid sudden braking or acceleration.

  • Be extra cautious in fog. Use low beams and fog lights. Hang back from other vehicles.

  • Watch for high winds that can blow vehicles off course, especially on bridges and open roads. Avoid driving in extreme winds when possible.

  • Cancel non-essential trips in severe weather. Safety comes first.

With preparation and safe driving habits, your fleet can tackle Old Man Winter. Drive defensively, take preventative steps, and ensure your drivers are informed and equipped. Together we can make it a safe season on the roads.


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