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Enforcing Risk Assessments

Importance of Enforcing Risk Assessments & Safety Protocols

A recent incident involving a haulage company in Wales has highlighted the critical importance of not only having risk assessments in place but strictly enforcing and following them. A worker tragically lost his life due to a fall from a loading bay, leading to a £100,000 fine for the company involved.

Risk Management is Non-Negotiable

Insurance companies and regulatory bodies expect that risk management protocols are not just documented but are actively enforced and adhered to. It’s crucial for the safety of all workers and the legal protection of the company.

Consideration for All Workers is Essential

This incident underscores the need for adequate supervision and monitoring to ensure that all control measures are being used by staff, especially visiting drivers who may not speak English as their first language. Every worker, regardless of their employment status or language spoken, deserves a safe working environment.

Implement & Enforce Control Measures

Ensure that all control measures and safe working practices are not just in place but are followed diligently. Inform visiting drivers and all staff members of the site’s safety rules. A lack of enforcement can lead to devastating consequences, as seen in this unfortunate incident.

Be Proactive in Safety Management

Remember, a proactive approach to safety management can prevent accidents, save lives, and protect your company from legal repercussions. Let’s prioritise the safety of every individual in the haulage industry and create a secure and risk-free working environment for all.

For more guidance on management responsibilities and workplace transport safety, please refer to the HSE guidance: Management responsibilities – Workplace transport.


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