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Fall into Autumn Safely: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in Your Business

Autumn brings beautiful scenery, but also hazards like wet leaves that can lead to slips, trips and falls. These not only cause injuries but also create legal liability for businesses. Follow these tips to keep your staff, customers and facilities safe this season.

Inspect and Address Hazards

  • Check walking surfaces regularly for slippery spots, puddles, and other dangers. Focus on high-risk areas like entrances, loading docks, and construction sites.

  • Promptly fix any issues like uneven pavement or clogged drains. A little prevention goes a long way!

  • Review your cleaning contractors chemical use - are they using the correct chemicals to clean the correct surfaces?

Keep Areas Clear

  • Rake or blow leaves frequently so they don't accumulate into slip risks.

  • Prune trees and branches carefully to reduce leaf litter. Hire insured professionals when needed.

  • Use signs, cones and tape, to cordon off problem areas.

Choose the Right Surfaces

  • Install adequate absorbent matting at entrances.

  • Apply non-slip coatings or strips on floors, stairs, ramps, etc., especially where leaks or spills may occur.

Create a Safety Culture

  • Train staff to identify and report hazards immediately. Emphasise that minor slips can prevent serious falls.

  • Recommend appropriate footwear and watch your step when conditions are wet.

No business wants injuries, claims or litigation due to preventable accidents. Taking proactive measures for safety makes your workplace more secure and productive this autumn and all year round.


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