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Get Your Fleet Ready for Winter: 10 Tips for Fleet Managers

When cold weather hits, it can wreak havoc on your fleet if you're not prepared. Follow these 10 tips to keep your vehicles running smoothly all winter long:

  1. Inspect tires and replace worn ones with winter-grade treads for better traction.

  2. Check antifreeze levels and use the proper mix to avoid freezing.

  3. Stock up on ice scrapers, snow brushes, de-icer fluid, and emergency kits.

  4. Monitor DEF levels regularly to avoid problems.

  5. Have drivers trained on winter driving skills like handling icy roads.

  6. Inspect brakes and replace pads if needed. Check air dryer system too.

  7. Use telematics to monitor driving habits and vehicle performance.

  8. Have a contingency plan for breakdowns, accidents and bad weather.

  9. Stay updated on weather forecasts to adjust operations.

  10. Encourage safe driving habits, especially with reduced daylight.

By prepping your fleet for cold weather, you can help keep your drivers safe and your vehicles running during the winter months.


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