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How A Ransomware Attack Affected Sally's Business

When Sally opened her laptop on that fateful Monday morning, she knew something was wrong immediately. Her usual desktop background had been replaced by an ominous message demanding payment to regain access to her files. Sally's breath caught in her throat as she realised that her families manufacturing business had fallen victim to a ruthless ransomware attack.

As the owner and operator of a 20-person sheet metal fabrication business, Sally felt the full weight of responsibility on her shoulders. She had employees relying on consistent work and wages to support their families. How would they keep the business afloat without access to any of the crucial files stored on their computer system? How will they get the CNC machines working again?

Over the next several days, Sally grappled with difficult emotions as she worked relentlessly to handle the fallout. She felt violated that someone had encroached on her family’s livelihood. She felt ashamed for not better protecting her systems. But more than anything, she worried for her loyal employees. Would she have to lay anyone off if they couldn't get production back up and running?

After many sleepless nights poring over the chaotic situation, Sally's perseverance finally began paying off. With help from cybersecurity experts, she was able to regain access to her files so manufacturing could resume. And fortunately, no jobs had to be cut during the 3 weeks they were offline. The cyber criminals were not paid a penny.

The experience left Sally with a new sense of motivation to strengthen her business's cyber defences and share her cautionary tale with others. She knew all too well the importance of protecting against cyber threats and now sets out to help fellow small business owners avoid the same fate. Sally emerged wiser and hoped her lessons could prevent someone else from having to endure the same gut-wrenching emotional rollercoaster.

If you feel that this could happen to your business, speak to us today about your cyber insurance options. Cyber insurance comes with active defence capabilities, as well as world-class cybersecurity expertise in the event of an incident.


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