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Keep the Floods at Bay: How to Protect Your Home

Flood damage can be devastating. As climate change leads to more extreme weather events, flooding is becoming increasingly common. Recent UK estimates show that flooding causes £740 million in property damage every year on average.

For homeowners, the average flood claim is a whopping £33,600. Clearly, we all need to take flooding seriously and take steps to protect our homes.

Check Your Flood Risk

First things first - find out if your area is prone to flooding. In the UK, you can easily check online using the flood risk maps for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Pay attention to any flood alerts for your neighborhood as well. Forewarned is forearmed.

Make a Flood Plan

If your home is vulnerable, draw up an action plan so you can respond quickly in a flooding emergency. This should include emergency contacts, details on shutting off utilities, a list of valuables to protect, and a flood kit with essential supplies. Inform everyone in your household of what to do.

Safeguard Your Property

Depending on your risk level and budget, consider flood-proofing measures like barriers, pumps, raised appliances, and waterproofing. Consult the National Flood Forum’s Property Protection Advisor for recommendations and cost estimates tailored to your home.

Get the Right Insurance

Check that your home and contents insurance includes flood cover. If your area is high-risk, consider specialist insurers like FloodRe. Notify your provider quickly after a flood to get the claims process started. Document the damage thoroughly.

While flooding can happen anytime, preparation and prevention can minimize expensive damage. With vigilance and proactive protection for your property, you can keep the floods at bay.


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