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Keeping Your Business Premises Safe From Theft

Business owners have enough to worry about without adding theft to the list. Unfortunately, commercial property theft has been on the rise lately. Organised crime rings are using more brazen methods to break in and steal high-value goods.

As a business owner, you need to take steps to secure your property and protect your inventory. Read on for tips to keep your business premises safe.

Know the Risks

Recent warehouse thefts have seen criminals disabling security systems and then entering through walls or roofs. They use heavy-duty tools to cut through lightweight metal or even concrete walls. The targeted goods tend to be smaller items like consumer electronics, trading cards, or clothing. However, larger bulk items like metals have also been stolen. These are not random opportunistic crimes but planned operations targeting vulnerabilities.

Alarm Systems Are Key

A properly installed and monitored alarm system is critical for early threat detection. Ensure your system has motion detectors to cover large internal areas and vibration sensors on walls. Keep space between racking and walls so sensors work correctly. Confirm with your provider that the system can detect security breaches like cameras being disabled. Also have roof and skylight alarms to protect roof access points.

Proper Alarm Protocols

Make sure staff understand how to respond to an alarm. Work with your provider to outline response protocols aligned with health and safety. Use a professional monitored station over basic self-monitoring. Look for stations certified by the Security Industry Association’s Approved Contractor Scheme.

Deter with CCTV

Install a CCTV system that activates remote monitoring capabilities when sensors detect a threat. Ensure cameras provide adequate premises coverage. Select systems that can detect camera interference or damage and transmit warnings to your monitoring center. Visible CCTV cameras also act as a theft deterrent.

Lock Up High-Value Goods

Keep small high-value items like keys, electronics, and trading cards locked in a safe or secured office. For larger stock, use locked internal storage rooms, cages, or strong rooms. Removing easy access to your most valuable goods adds a layer of protection.

Consider Security Fog

Security fog devices fill areas with harmless but disorienting fog when triggered, obscuring visibility and encouraging intruders to flee. For employee safety, only use fog systems certified to BS EN50131-8 standards and properly installed.

Follow Security Best Practices

Also implement physical security measures like roller shutters, fencing, ram raid defenses, window bars, security lighting, and guards. Perform weekly checks that all protections are working properly. Damage may signify a planned break-in attempt.

Take steps now to protect your business from costly thefts. Assess your risks, invest in proper security systems, and implement robust physical protections. Your business assets will be safer for it. Let me know if you need any help analysing your security gaps or want recommendations on security providers. I'm happy to help keep your premises secure.


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