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Keeping Your Construction Site Secure Overnight

For construction companies, leaving expensive equipment like excavators, telehandlers and cranes on site overnight can be a risky proposition. Equipment theft is a major problem in the construction industry, costing companies millions each year.

As an insured construction business, you have a responsibility to do everything you reasonably can to protect your assets when your team heads home for the day. Your insurers will expect you to take basic precautions to avoid equipment theft and vandalism after hours.

Here are some tips on keeping your site secure overnight:

Perimeter Fencing and Lighting

Install sturdy perimeter fencing around the entire site, with padlocked gates at every access point. Position lights to brightly illuminate the whole area, leaving no dark corners where thieves could lurk. Motion-activated security lights provide an extra layer of protection.

Park Vehicles in View

At the end of each shift, park all vehicles, equipment, and trailers in a central, visible area of the site. Group them close together facing different directions, with no easy escape routes. This makes it harder for thieves to maneuver vehicles away unnoticed.

Lock Up and Disable

Ensure excavators, telehandlers, cranes, and other valuable equipment are safely immobilised when not in use. Remove keys from vehicles, engage brakes and boom locks, and chain down trailer ramps. Disabling equipment by removing fuses or batteries is also recommended.

Video Surveillance

Install security cameras at multiple spots around the perimeter, covering every access point and the entire grounds. High-resolution cameras with night vision and motion sensors provide 24/7 monitoring capability. Make sure the recorded footage is stored securely offsite.

Regular Patrols

Hire a security service to conduct regular foot and vehicle patrols of the site overnight and on weekends. Having guards visibly on duty acts as a strong deterrent to criminals. Quick response to any breach can also minimise losses.

Insurance cover on expensive equipment and vehicles is a must, but prevention is the best policy when it comes to construction site crime. Following these simple security measures will help keep your assets protected and satisfy your insurers that you are managing risk responsibly. Your bottom line will thank you!


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