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Plan a Safe and Successful Charity Event

As a charity, events can be incredibly effective for fundraising, but they require careful planning to ensure success. Here are some tips on running a smooth, safe, and profitable charity event:

Start with the Basics

Before you begin planning, nail down the key details - location, budget, volunteer needs, permissions required etc. Getting these elements in place first prevents headaches down the road. Think of it like a chef's "mise en place" - measuring ingredients before combining them enables efficient, harmonious cooking.

Assess Potential Risks

Perform a thorough risk assessment, identifying any hazards associated with your planned activities. Consult your insurance provider on specific risks and tweak minor details in your plan to mitigate issues. Have contingency plans, backups and an incident management process ready as well. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Spread the Word

Promote your event actively on social media, email newsletters, press releases, community bulletins etc. Convey your charity's mission clearly alongside the event details since not all audiences will be familiar. Outreach expands your reach and impact.

Verify Adequate Insurance

Confirm your existing policy covers the charity for all money handling, public liability, employers liability and activity liability needs. If gaps exist, speak to a broker about event-specific coverage options. Vet third-party supplier insurance too. Protecting patrons and assets is paramount, though not always cheap.

Relax and Enjoy!

Once preparation is complete, you can enjoy the event itself, confident that safety measures and insurance protections are firmly in place. While claims are unlikely, it pays to plan for the worst and hope for the best!

For more guidance on secure, ethical event fundraising practices, check out resources from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. Stay safe and have fun celebrating!


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