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Protect Your Business from Unpaid Invoices

With business insolvencies on the rise, unpaid invoices pose a growing threat that could put your company at risk. Recent statistics reveal an alarming trend - one in five insolvencies are linked to late payments, with 30% of invoices going unpaid past terms.

When a customer defaults on payments, it triggers a domino effect that impacts businesses across their supply chain. Your own business needs to prepare now to withstand this threat.

The Cash Flow Avalanche of Unpaid Invoices

Many companies rely on trade credit, buying inventory and services now while paying suppliers later. But what happens when your own customers stop paying their bills? Sudden cash flow disruptions make it impossible to meet your own obligations.

A single unpaid invoice starts an avalanche that disrupts multiple companies downstream. Without intervention, even successful firms can experience financial decline or insolvency when payments stall.

Trade Credit Insurance Guards Against Risk

Rather than leaving yourself exposed, you can enlist trade credit insurance to protect against non-payment events. This specialised cover reimburses you for unpaid invoices due to customer insolvency.

Trade credit insurance delivers vital intelligence to help you identify and avoid credit risks. It also enables you to safely offer competitive credit terms when pursuing new business. With appropriate cover limits, you gain confidence in expanding your customer base.

Key Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

This valuable cover shores up your accounts receivable, shields against income volatility, and empowers smart growth.

Risk Mitigation

Reduces threat of non-payment events. Flags credit risks early.

Business Growth

Facilitates expansion through flexible credit terms. Opens new markets.

Working Capital

Smooths income fluctuations. Allows capital redeployment. Improves financing.

Gain Confidence to Grow

With trade credit insurance, you can pursue fresh opportunities without fear of financial havoc from unpaid invoices. Protect your business today and secure your future growth.

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