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Protect Your Construction Business with Contractors All Risks Insurance

Running a construction business comes with many risks. Projects can face damage from bad weather, theft, vandalism or accidents that damage the property or injure workers or the public. That's why having the right insurance coverage is crucial. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance provides vital protection for construction companies.

What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?

CAR Insurance is a specialied policy designed for the construction industry. It bundles together coverage for damage to contract works, construction machinery, tools, and public liability.

Key covers include:

Property damage and loss to buildings or structures under construction

This covers materials, fixtures, and any completed sections in case of fire, storm, flood etc.

Owned and hired plant, tools and equipment

Damage or theft of cranes, bulldozers and other plant & machinery is covered.

Employee tools

Reimburses workers if their personal tools are lost or damaged.

Public liability

Provides coverage if a member of the public is injured or their property is damaged.

Employer's liability

Covers compensation claims from injured employees.

Why Construction Firms Need CAR Insurance

While general liability policies provide some protection, they lack key coverages needed for construction projects. CAR Insurance fills the gaps with comprehensive protection tailored to this industry's unique risks.

Here are some key reasons construction businesses should carry CAR Insurance:

Covers risks general liability doesn't.

Damage to contract works, machinery, tools etc.

Satisfies contract requirements.

Many clients require CAR Insurance to work on projects.

Peace of mind.

Knowing you're protected from costly claims and property damage.

Reputational protection.

Limits financial impacts that could harm your business's reputation.

Employee recruitment/retention.

Providing employer's liability shows you value your workers.

Get a Customised Contractors All Risks Insurance Quotation

Since each construction firm's risks and projects vary, your CAR Insurance should be customised to your needs. Work with an experienced broker such as Keep Insurance Brokers to review your past claims, current projects, machinery, workforce risks and other factors to build the right policy.

Don't leave your construction company vulnerable - get covered with a contractors all risk insurance policy today. Keep Insurance Brokers can secure quotes from top insurers to find an affordable premium that protects your business.


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