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Protect Your Property from Costly Water Damage with Leak Detection Systems

Water leaks and burst pipes can cause major damage to homes and businesses.

According to the Association of British Insurers, in 2019 and 2020, the average cost of water damage from leaks and bursts was nearly £1 billion per year in the UK.

To help property owners minimise this risk, Leaksafe offers a range of leak detection solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. Their systems can detect even small drips before significant damage occurs and automatically shut off the water supply.

Leaksafe's products include:

- WaterSwitch - A modular system that can be customised for any property. It includes a motorised valve that shuts off the main water supply if a leak is detected.

- WaterComm - Uses LPWAN and NB-IoT technology to monitor leaks and other risks like temperature and humidity. It sends instant alerts to property managers.

- WaterTapp - An app-based system that lets you remotely monitor water usage and shut off the main supply if limits are exceeded.

- xFlow - Designed for construction sites and properties where leak sensors can't be installed. It monitors overall water usage for abnormal patterns.

The key benefits of Leaksafe systems include minimising insurance costs, reducing repair expenses, and enhancing reputation and occupancy rates for commercial buildings. Their products are designed for an array of properties like homes, apartments, hotels, student housing, and more.

Installing leak detection provides peace of mind for owners while improving living conditions for occupants. Leaksafe offers full project management services to handle everything from the initial site survey to ongoing training and support.

Protect your most valuable assets with leak detection systems from Leaksafe. Their technology provides an early warning system to prevent water damage disasters.

LeakSafe Information for Businesses
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