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Protecting the Manufacturing Process from Cyber Risks

Manufacturers use a lot of technology, and some of it is old and easy for hackers to attack. A recent report by the Public Accounts Committee says that manufacturing companies need to check and protect their old technology to keep safe.

The Problem

Many manufacturing companies use both new and old technology. The old technology can be a weak spot, making it easy for hackers to attack the company. If a company gets attacked, it can stop production, cost a lot of money to fix, ruin the company’s reputation, and even make the products unsafe.

Growing Threats

More and more manufacturing companies are being attacked by hackers because they think these companies don’t protect their technology well. Even small mistakes, like wrong information on food labels, can cause big problems, like having to take back the sold products. Product recalls can be very expensive.

How to Stay Safe

To protect against hackers, manufacturing companies should:

  1. Know What’s Important: Find out which technology and equipment are most important to keep the company running.

  2. Find Weak Spots: Regularly check for and fix any security weaknesses like easy passwords and old firewalls.

  3. Use Protection Measures: Use security measures like special access and encryption, and teach employees about them.

  4. Plan for Attacks: Include plans for dealing with attacks in the company’s emergency plans.

  5. Get the Right Insurance: Have cyber insurance that covers losses caused by attacks, mistakes, and failures.

Employee Training and Planning

Teaching employees about security and having a good security plan is very important. Companies should focus on protecting both new and old technology. A good security plan should protect all parts of the company’s technology.

Manufacturing companies need to protect their old technology to avoid big problems. By knowing what’s important, finding and fixing weak spots, using protection measures, planning for attacks, and getting the right insurance, companies can keep their products and business safe.

Improve your security, protect your technology, teach your employees, and keep your business safe from hackers.


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