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Redcare Withdrawal - What It Means and What To Do

BT recently announced they will be withdrawing their Redcare alarm signaling service from the market, effective August 1st, 2025. This change is estimated to impact over 100,000 private customers and businesses who will need to transition to alternative solutions.

Such a sizable shift means many alarm owners will soon be fielding calls from various vendors opportunistically targeting this customer base.

Alarm systems are pivotal for insurance cover. If your policy specifies certain alarm specification/equipment or signaling methods, it's crucial you don't downgrade and compromise reliability or transmission speed to the monitoring station.

Failure to comply with your alarm conditions noted within your insurance policy will invalidate cover in the event of a claim, for example a theft.

While additional suppliers gear up for the influx of transitioning customers, it would be prudent to act now rather than later. As we inch closer to the August 2025 cutoff date, product shortages and installation backlogs are likely to ensue. Also note - if your Redcare contract expires earlier, renewal will not be an option.

When selecting a replacement, look for NSI or SSAIB-accredited companies for both installation and ongoing annual maintenance. Maintenance agreements, performed by accredited provider is usually a requirement set by your insurers. Review your alarm condition to ensure compliance with the minimum standards they set.

The Redcare withdrawal undoubtedly causes hassle for impacted businesses and property owners. However, by partnering with reputable alarm companies and keeping your insurance broker in the loop throughout, you can safeguard your property and enjoy the same level of monitored protection.

Reach out to us with any questions - we're here to help navigate this important transition.


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