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Responding to Customer Injuries on Your Property

When a customer is injured at your business, it's important to respond appropriately both for the customer's welfare and to manage potential liability claims. Proper response procedures show you care and can limit financial and reputational damage. This post outlines key steps to take when a customer is injured on your premises.

  1. Focus first on caring for the injured customer. Address any immediate medical needs and assist in arranging treatment. Listen compassionately if the customer describes the incident. Avoid accepting blame or offering compensation.

  2. Document the accident right away with photos, diagrams, witness statements, and the customer's account. Complete a detailed incident report. Gather facts but don't draw conclusions about fault.

  3. Eliminate any hazard that caused the accident to prevent future incidents.

  4. Notify your insurance provider about a potential claim and provide documentation. Keep them updated if a formal claim is filed.

  5. Designate one management contact for handling inquiries related to the incident. Direct all questions to your insurer to avoid inadvertent admissions.

A well-prepared response shows customers you care about their wellbeing while also protecting your business interests. Being ready with protocols and training for staff helps ensure you can assist an injured customer appropriately while managing liability risk. Documenting accidents thoroughly gives insurers the information they need without jumping to conclusions.

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