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Riding Out the Storm: Managing Risk During Severe Weather

With Storm Ciarán forecast to bring high winds and heavy rain across southern England over the next few days, businesses need to prepare and manage risks to protect employees, property, and operations.

The Met Office has issued amber and yellow wind and rain alerts, with gusts potentially reaching 80mph in coastal areas. This severe weather can lead to fallen trees, power outages, flooded roads, and other hazards.

To mitigate risks:

  • Allow flexible remote work and adjust operations if needed. Enable employees to work safely from home if conditions warrant closing worksites.

  • Secure outdoor objects and clear drains/gutters. Prevent loose items from becoming dangerous projectiles. Ensure water can flow away from buildings and doorways.

  • Check backup power sources. Have generators/batteries ready for possible outages. Fuel generators and charge batteries now.

  • Communicate contingency plans clearly. Make sure all employees know protocols, reporting procedures, and how to access support if needed.

  • Monitor local weather reports frequently for changes. Adjust plans as storm timing, path and intensity shifts.

  • Allow extra travel time and account for delays. Roads may be congested, obstructed or flooded.

  • Consider parking location carefully. Avoid trees that may fall and areas prone to flooding.

  • Drive slowly and defensively. Watch for debris, standing water, and sudden crosswinds.

With the right preparation and adaptability, businesses can ride out the storm. Stay safe!


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