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Simple Steps to Tackle Shoplifting While Keeping Your Customers Happy

Shop owners are seeing more shoplifting lately, and it’s important to handle these situations correctly to keep customers happy and protect your store’s reputation. Here’s a simple guide to help you balance security and customer satisfaction.

Know the Rules

If you have security staff, there are clear laws they need to follow when dealing with shoplifters. They can only detain someone if they have clear evidence, they can’t search customers without permission, and any force used must be reasonable. Not following these rules can lead to legal trouble and harm your shop’s image.

Balancing Act

Having strict rules against shoplifting can protect your earnings by scaring off potential thieves. However, if your security is too aggressive or makes a mistake, it can lead to bad publicity, legal issues, and higher insurance costs.

Smart Practices

Train your staff well on how to deal with suspected shoplifters, using recognised methods like the ASCONE protocol for identifying suspects and the SAFER protocol for detaining them. Use technology like cameras, alert systems, and metal detectors to deter shoplifters and protect your store. If you use outside security guards, make sure they follow your standards to avoid any issues.

Use Data Wisely

Look at your shoplifting incidents and see if your current security measures are working or if they’re causing more problems. Use this information to decide if you need to change your approach, like being more selective about when to detain someone or using more preventive measures.

Dealing with shoplifting is a challenge, but by knowing the laws, training your staff, using technology, and learning from past incidents, you can protect your shop and keep your customers happy.

It’s crucial for shop owners to review their security strategies regularly and make smart choices to create a safe and friendly shopping environment. By doing this, you can prevent loss and maintain a good relationship with your customers in today’s competitive market.


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