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Staying Safe While Landscaping

Landscaping work may seem straightforward, but it actually involves exposure to a variety of serious hazards that can lead to injuries and health issues over time. It's important for both professional landscapers and homeowners doing their own lawn care to be aware of these dangers and take precautions.

Vehicle Accidents

The leading cause of fatalities for landscapers is motor vehicle accidents. Frequent driving between job sites increases time on the road and the risk of both traffic collisions and struck-by incidents in work zones. High visibility clothing should be worn at all times to maximise visibility.

Equipment Dangers

Power tools and equipment like mowers, trimmers, and blowers can easily cause severe cuts, amputations, eye injuries, repetitive stress injuries, electrocution and entanglement. Comprehensive training, attentive operation, properly maintained tools with all guards in place, and safe handling are essential. Getting distracted or too focused while operating hazardous equipment can be extremely dangerous. Know the equipment, avoid pinch points and rotating parts, and never reach into operating machinery.

Other Hazards

- Landscapers must also beware of pinch, wrap, shear, and crush points on equipment.

- Rotating parts can pull in clothing or limbs.

- Failing to properly block up or stabilise equipment can lead to crushing injuries.

- Hydraulic fluid leaks under pressure can penetrate skin.

- Digging without checking for buried electrical lines or working around overhead power lines also poses electrocution risks.

- Long hours operating machinery can result in back injuries and vibration issues over time.

Play It Safe

With awareness, safe practices, protective gear, and preventative maintenance, the hazards of landscaping work can be mitigated. But responsibility falls on both employers to provide proper equipment and workers to use it correctly.

When in doubt, take no chances – stop work and consult an expert before proceeding in hazardous conditions. The risks faced by landscapers are manageable with vigilance, training, and common sense safety protocols.


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