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Supporting Agency Drivers for Safer Fleet Operations

Agency drivers play a critical role in helping fleets operate smoothly during holidays, absences, and busy seasons. As temporary workers, agency drivers require extra support to ensure they operate vehicles safely despite frequently changing depots, vehicles, and routes.

Though agency drivers are skilled professionals, as fleet managers you have a duty of care to provide proper training and resources that set them up for success. With some extra effort, you can help agency drivers prioritise safety while benefiting from their flexibility and experience.

Unique Challenges Facing Agency Drivers

Unlike regular employees, agency drivers often face:

  • Pressure to quickly solve immediate problems

  • Constantly changing, tiring work environments

  • Long commutes to unfamiliar depots

  • Irregular shifts and maximised driving hours

  • Lack of company-specific training

By acknowledging these challenges, you can provide better support that ultimately protects our fleet.

Benefits of Using Agency Drivers

Well-supported agency drivers offer many advantages, including:

  • Keeping fleets moving with short-notice coverage

  • Adding flexibility and variable costs

  • Broad experience from diverse transport work

With proper management, agency drivers can be invaluable assets.

Tips for Supporting Agency Drivers

Here are some tips to help agency drivers focus on safety:

  • Maintain open communication with agencies about required duties

  • Verify licenses, driving records, and qualifications

  • Provide full vehicle and job inductions, policies, and contacts

  • Encourage pre-trip walkarounds and welcome safety feedback

  • Assign simpler routes and duties when possible

  • Ensure they understand load requirements and securement

  • Allow adequate time for mandated breaks and rest periods

  • Empower them to refuse unsafe deliveries

When you invest in agency driver support, we not only boost safety but build trust and cooperation. Well-supported drivers lead to smoother fleet operations.

By acknowledging agency drivers' challenges and providing robust training, resources, and communication, fleets can safely capitalise on the flexibility of these vital temporary workers.


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