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The Importance of Regular Lift Inspections for Apartment Buildings & Blocks of Flats

Lift safety is crucial for any multi-story apartment building. Lift failure can lead to major disruptions and expensive emergency repairs. That's why regular inspections by qualified professionals are a legal requirement.

The Law on Lift Safety

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) require that lifts used for transporting people must be inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months. Lifts that only move loads require inspections every 12 months. Lifts must also display their safe working load limits.

What to Expect From a Lift Inspection

A qualified engineer or surveyor will perform thorough tests and examinations on-site. You will receive a certificate outlining the results, including any faults or defects needing repair. Dangerous issues may result in the lift being taken out of service until fixed.

The Benefits of Engineering Inspections

In addition to mandatory lift checks, consider having inspections done on other mechanical equipment like boilers, window cleaning apparatus, and security systems. This can identify problems early so you can schedule repairs before something fails completely. It also provides helpful maintenance advice.

Some property insurance policies help cover the costs of inspections and repairs due to breakdowns of covered equipment. This provides an extra layer of financial protection for unexpected lift issues.

Choosing a Competent Inspector

According to LOLER, inspectors must have sufficient practical and theoretical expertise to thoroughly assess the equipment. They should be objective and impartial. Look for experienced professionals from reputable insurance companies, health and safety consultancies, or engineering firms.

Staying Compliant Through Record Keeping

Keep documentation of all inspections, certificates, and repairs. Address any identified defects immediately. These records prove you are meeting safety requirements.

Regular lift and equipment inspections give apartment boards peace of mind that their buildings adhere to the law. They also prevent unpleasant and costly surprises from sudden breakdowns. Protect your residents and your budget by making inspections a priority.


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