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Uninsured Drivers Cost Us All

A shocking 117,000 drivers were found guilty in court last year for insurance-related driving offences, according to new analysis from AA Insurance Services. The vast majority - over 94% - were fined for driving without valid motor insurance. While the average fine amounted to £352, uninsured drivers collectively cost the UK economy billions in damages and added expenses every year.

The sheer volume of uninsured motorists forced legitimate policy holders to pay higher premiums to the tune of £53 per year on average. This is because damages caused by drivers without coverage must be paid for through a fund financed by insured motorists’ policies.

“Driving or keeping a vehicle without insurance is a serious offence,” said Gus Park, Managing Director at AA Insurance Services. “Yet 117,000 drivers were convicted last year.”

A disproportionate number of those caught driving uninsured were young drivers aged 18-24. But across all ages, only 2,140 drivers saw their licenses revoked. Most simply got slapped with fine and points on their driving records.

While uninsured drivers may shrug off a fine, Park pointed out their actions have lingering consequences: “Finding an insurer willing to offer cover is much harder, and even those willing to quote won’t be overly competitive as the points stay on the uninsured driver’s licence for four years.”

The message is clear: driving without insurance may seem an easy way to save money in the short term, but puts everyone else on the road at risk. We all end up paying more to subsidise those unwilling to follow the law. The solution isn’t more punishment, but better education about the real costs of uninsured driving.


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