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What Insurances Do Builders Need?

As a builder, your tools and expertise are everything. You spend years honing your skills, invest heavily in high-quality equipment and put your name and reputation on the line with every project. That's why having the proper insurance is absolutely vital.

Builders face hazards that those in other trades often don’t. According to industry statistics, one in ten serious job-related injuries happens in construction. Just think about the risks you and your crew face daily from working at heights, operating heavy machinery, exposed wires, and more. Even if you follow all safety protocols, accidents still happen.

Here’s an overview of what’s typically included within a Contractors Combined or Tradesperson Insurance policy:

  • Employer’s liability insurance covers injuries or illness to people you employ. This is a legal requirement if you have employees, including labour-only subcontractors.

  • Public liability insurance handles claims from third-parties like members of the public, that result from your business activities/work. Many companies require £5 million or more in cover these days.

  • Product liability insurance is similar but covers issues stemming specifically from products you supply/install, versus just your work and activities in general.

  • Tools insurance to replace stolen or damaged equipment.

  • Contract works insurance to cover contract site and materials for projects that suffer theft, fire damage, vandalism, malicious damage or natural disasters like floods.

  • Plant insurance to cover company-owned plant and equipment.

  • Hired-in plant insurance to cover plant, tools and equipment.

  • Employee tools insurance to cover your employee's own equipment.

There are also some additional insurances to consider:

  • Management liability insurance to cover legal defence costs from allegations and investigations, for example a HSE prosecution.

  • Motor insurance to cover your work fleet, including cars, pick-ups, vans and lorries.

  • Office and yard insurance to cover stock, contents, buildings and other property not insured above.

  • Professional indemnity insurance helps pay legal expenses if a client alleges professional negligence in the course of working for them.

  • Personal accident insurance provides income if you’re out of work for an extended time, due to an accident, which can include outside of working hours.

  • Commercial legal expenses to cover legal costs arising from matters like chasing bad debts to contract disputes.

  • Building guarantees or warranties to provide clients extra assurances about work quality and potential latent defects.

Don’t leave anything to chance that could put your business at financial risk. Protect your livelihood and peace of mind with customised builder's insurance today. Reach out for a free consultation on cover options.


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