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Why Electrical Inspections Matter

As a business, you rely on electricity to power your operations. From lighting and heating to computers and machinery, a steady flow of electrical power is essential.

However, if your business's electrical systems are not properly maintained, you run the risk of equipment failure, fires or even injuries to employees or customers. This is why insurers and underwriters expect businesses to regularly inspect and service their fixed electrical wiring systems.

Outdated or Damaged Wiring Poses Risks

Electrical systems naturally degrade over time. Connections loosen, insulation frayes and components wear out. If left unchecked, this can lead to short circuits, arching, overheating, and other hazardous situations. Damaged or outdated electrical panels, wiring, and devices significantly increase the chances of fires starting on your property.

Routine Inspections Identify Problems

By having qualified electricians conduct inspections on a regular basis (at least once, every 5 years), you can identify issues with your electrical systems before they become emergencies. They will check for things like loose connections, overloaded circuits, improper wiring, corrosion and damage. Preventative electrical maintenance keeps your systems running safely and efficiently.

Certified Inspections are Required

In the UK, the law requires electrical installation condition reports every 5 years to meet safety standards. But even if legal certifications are not mandatory, insurers will request up-to-date inspection reports before agreeing cover.

Having a recent certified electrical inspection shows underwriters that you are committed to risk mitigation. It reduces the chances of claims, so you may pay lower premiums. Most insurers will accept an electrical inspection from a NICEIC or ECA approved/accredited member.

Protect Your Investment in the Business

Electrical failures can lead to costly repairs, replacements or litigation expenses in the event of fire or injury. But appropriate maintenance protects your investment in the property and operations. Well-maintained systems have fewer outages, lowering your business costs. Keeping the lights on with preventative electrical inspections shows your commitment to safety and continuity.

Contact a qualified electrician today to schedule an inspection.

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